Mid-Week Turn Tables

Nobody’s happy. (Well, Maybe Jadon Sancho is a little happy.)

Leeds tried REAL hard, as is their nature, but still fell a little short against Manchester United today (Wednesday, 8 Feb ’23). The Americans were, of course, fantastic. Both picked up yellow cards, aggressive as ever, but that seemed to really suit the situation they had at hand with a Casemiro/Eriksen-less Manchester United. Gnonto really showed up too. He’s looked good recently but just hasn’t had any luck. He got some quick today though. Didn’t really see too much change in Leeds, but the performance was a step above from recent weeks. Is that they’ve been playing this way, and they just finally started hitting the net, or is it the slight tactical changes made by the interims. That right INTERIMs. There’s three as far as I can tell. And since I’m not super up to speed on the rest of the staff, I’ll go ahead and ask the question. Is Armas the next guy for Leeds USA?

PS. Sancho subbed on, Leveled it up, and had a beautiful showing in my opinion. Glad to see him back!!

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