The Second Half

And the Whistle Blows.

Premier League is as Premier League does.The start to the second half of the season was wild even if the table doesn’t reflect the drama that went down too much. The biggest movers of the pivotal weekend have got to be Manchester United, Everton, and Leeds. 

Manchester United go out and do the job. Win. Sure one of their most important players saw straight red and won’t be seen for the next three matches. In a somewhat lucky turn of events however, they meet Leed twice in that span. A Leeds that landed themselves on our list for all the wrong reasons this week. Manchester United have an opportunity to make the most out their mistake and keep the points coming in as they sit only three points behind second place Man City. 

Everton come out with the biggest win of the weekend taking down the top spot team Arsenal. No one saw it coming, but the new manager bump seems to be a majorly real thing. 

Leeds… Leeds, Leeds, Leeds. What happened? An American dream finally come true, and now it’s crumbling down around us. With only 4 wins in 20 matches it really was only a matter of time. It seems as though other teams’ poor performances have kept Leeds’ lack of success a secret for the most part.  I’m not even sure who they have on their radar at the moment, and honestly not sure who would be majorly interested in that position. Plenty of quality players, but it’s a mishmash team built around certain ideals, and inherited into another, stuck stagnating somewhere in the between. 

 Overall a fun weekend to start off the second half. Not much movement on table, but that just means our midweek match watch becomes more important now than ever! This mid week match just happens to be one of the aforementioned Leeds v Manchester United matches. The results of this one could have major ramifications for either team. Leeds are only 1 point off relegation, and United are 3 from 2nd place rivals City. There’s all to play for now.

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