MidWeek Table Turners

The Prem is off to a rapid start with teams already seeing multiple games a week. This means the table will be turning and churning at almost a daily pace. There was little shuffling at the top or the bottom of the table. Most teams swapped two places or less. However there were two teams that took the mid week matches and made the most out of them. Manchester United and. Everton actually. 

Everton? Leaving the midweek clash against Leeds with a draw and sitting in 17th, at the time? Yes. They’ve given up a goal a game every match this season, but have started to figure out ways to find the net themselves. Thus, making them a threat. There wasn’t much table movement for Everton throughout the week, but they set themselves up for the weekend nicely. Finding their feet and taking it to Liverpool. They battled the Reds to a 0-0 draw that saw them bounce from 17th up to 14th. Their highest spot this season. I’ve had the Toffees pinned in for a relegation battle this season, but may have to start reconsidering. Match Day 10 will tell.

Biggest movers this week were certainly Manchester United. They very well may have found the corner they’ve been looking to turn. The display against the Foxes of Leicester deserved more than the 1-0 win it awarded them. Both “Table Turners” this week have started similarly. Two losses to open the campaign, only to slowly started turning the tide. The difference is while Everton have stopped losing, Manchester United have started winning. Liverpool, Southampton, and Leicester, each match United football has looked better and better and the results keep coming along with that. Three wins running has seen United rise from the absolute bottom (20th) all the way to 5th place on the table. (With stops at 14th and 8th along the way.) They’re currently sitting in 6th place while they wait for their match against League Leaders Arsenal on Sunday. 

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